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products-1Chemical Abstract Service Numbers, Certificate of Analysis and MSDS
CAS Numbers, when they have been assigned to the labeled compound, are provided to specify the original compound. In instances where an isotopic compound is offered, the CAS Number of the non-isotopic compound is listed with an indication in parenthesis that the CAS Number used is for the non-deuterated compound. 

All PGS’ Certificates of Analysis show the results of the scientific tests (NMR, MS, HPLC and others) of the compounds listed in our products’ catalog. Information described in a PGS Certificate of Analysis, including the purity, characterization and other detail information, is intended to provide the scientist with all the information needed to perform reliable analytical assays.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) are available upon request. MSDS Information is compiled from information provided in the usual way by suppliers or manufactures of the products and has not been independently verified by PGS staff. The accuracy of such information cannot be guaranteed.

Intended Use
PGS Labs products are offered for use as analytical standards and laboratory chemicals only. Approval from the appropriate government regulatory agency should be obtained prior to any studies and customers are totally responsible for any use beyond that scope. All chemical substances or biological preparations listed in this catalog are distributed exclusively for use as reference standards in tests and assays carried out in accordance to internal validated methods and for no other purpose. All compounds listed in PGS Labs catalog are not intended for human use.

All vials are considered as compound reference standards for immediate use; it is recommended that the vial is used in the same series of analysis. It is recommended that only a sufficient amount for immediate use is purchased and that the Reference Standards is used as soon as possible. The stability of the content of an opened vial cannot be guaranteed. Any use different from the usage recommended above is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser.

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